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Words by Self Care Originals

Subscribing to a perpetual game of sensory ‘I Spy’ might be the prompt for the pleasure you’ve been searching for.

Our mental wellbeing relies on every sense, even if we don’t utilise them constantly. Embracing the full potential of each provides a touchpoint (or taste-point / sound-point, whichever they may be) to ground us into the present. Here's how —


From a picturesque view to the familiar warmth of your home, our sight dictates so much of what we feel. To ignite visual clarity, switch off the downlight in your home and switch on the softer glow of a lamp. Remove the clutter from your windowsills, and tidy your space so it’s inviting and comforting.

To experience pleasure, consciously schedule time to find a natural landscape, or take time to explore your favourite visual art. Optic pleasure is a self-care tool like any other, privy to worlds of aesthetic fuel.


We tend to listen without joy. In one morning, we’ll listen to daily news while getting ready for the day, listen for traffic on our commute, listen to a podcast for education, listen to phone calls at our desks, or listen to the call of each duty we have.

Of all of the audio we are fed daily, none of it genuinely feeds our urge for self-care. Live gigs, theatre performances, instrumental tracks and easy-listen talk shows are all quality, caring options. For those wishing to tune out their thoughts, the ambient noise of a local cafe or the sounds of a nature walk offer aural satisfaction.


Food holds a universal potential of joy, from preparation to the company we eat with. Take deep breaths before eating. Consciously ground into the present, so you can genuinely enjoy whatever hits your tastebuds.

In an effort to reject the arbitrary rules of life, eat dessert before dinner, ignore the recipe and get experimental, or mix up your coffee order. Indulge your tastebuds in whatever way you can, in the name of pleasure.


Finding scents to calm, collect and cause pleasure doesn’t need to be extensive, nor does it require the overwhelm of a department store perfume section.

Put on a candle or a billowing diffuser. How about the smell of your favourite meal cooking? For some, a walk outside in nature might remind them of home, or air sprays might immediately lift the climate of a room and install pleasure in its place.


From skin-on-skin to the haptic appeal of clothing, tangible reminders of pleasure are deeply understated. Something as simple as the texture of our clothing can affect our mood and, in turn, our openness to wellbeing.

Swapping cotton bedsheets for bamboo, relaxing in water or layering clothing according to comfort each ensures pleasure in small moments.

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Self Care™ Originals respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country on which we work, the Wurundjeri Willam people, and pay our respects to their Elders past and present.