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Words: Self Care Originals

Fun fact: Self Care™, as you know it, all started with one conversation that our Founder, Rachael Akhidenor had with a friend in 2018. A part of creating a revolution and movement that makes self-care inclusive, is about making it accessible. So here are Rach's self-care reminders: one for every day of the week.

I flow through the day with ease.

Monday. Even the most well-intentioned of us can find Monday daunting, exhausting, laborious etc. As such, for the first day of the working week, I like to set an intention focusing on ‘flow’ and ‘ease’. Who doesn’t want to effortlessly glide through their Monday with as little resistance as possible?

I am doing the best I can.

Tuesday. For some (myself included), Tuesday can be even more challenging than Monday. For me, Tuesday is that nothing day. That motivating start-of-week energy is waning, but that end-of-week joy is a tad too far. As such, Tuesday is often the day I focus more strongly on compassion. A mantra like this one can provide me solace. It’s a soft space to land.

What is meant for me won’t miss me.

Wednesday. Hump day. In this mid-week space, I like to focus my energy on the concept of ‘surrender’. Where can I soften? Where can I release? Far harder to practice than to say, repeating an affirmation like this one helps me soften. And allow greater ease and joy into my life and my day.

There is always time.

Thursday. Friday-eve. A great day, in my opinion. However, with this excitement and anticipatory elation, can often be some angst. With the final working day looming, Thursday can often be spent in a flurry. As such, a grounding reminder like this one can help keep that angst at ease. Life is short, but it’s also very long. Patience is a virtue and all that.

Remember when you wanted what you currently have.

Friday. Fun day. Some would even say, the best day. I’ve endured the working week. It’s time to rest, live, and celebrate. Between planning for the weekend and engaging in more conversations with friends, I find it’s a great day to bask in life as it currently stands. And remind myself that, I already have everything I’ve been searching for.

Everything is happening for me.

Saturday. A great day to do whatever I please. However, I choose to spend the day, whoever I choose to spend it with, whether I am going through an amazing time in my life, or one that is more challenging, I like to remind myself that I am being supported. Everything is happening exactly as it’s meant to.

No action is an action.

Sunday. Colloquially known as the day of rest. I, for one, love a Sunday. In a world where we love and are praised with ‘doing’, it’s an apt time to remind ourselves that no action is an action. Surrender into a day of ease, spaciousness and rest.

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Self Care™ Originals respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country on which we work, the Wurundjeri Willam people, and pay our respects to their Elders past and present.