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Words by Emily Coogan

Experiencing glow of self-care

We wear our lifestyles on our bodies, with every freckle, wrinkle, mark and mole speaking to the art of living.

There exists a longstanding link between wellness and beauty, as our internal processes influence both how we physically present and how we project ourselves outwards. The way we feel is similarly emitted through our faces, as we showcase our wellbeing beyond mere facial expressions.

Any time we spend on ourselves is directly reflected in how we approach the world, and when that time is deliberately caring, nurturing and driven by goodness, both our mental wellbeing and beauty regimes benefit.

The subjective nature of beauty and self-care opens the door to endless routines, each with the goal of enhancing our mental wellbeing and, in turn, our self-confidence.

Stepping away from supplements, face masks and the supermarket beauty aisle, we are left with the generosity we afford ourselves. The idea of beauty therapy is no longer confined to physical appearances, instead using our mental health as a building block of holistic wellbeing.

By taking the time to meditate, engage with others, prioritise leisure and contemplation, rest, laugh and feel, we find comfort in ourselves. We reduce stress (and therefore, cortisol) and increase the ability for the body to heal itself. Something as simple as a walk, journaling, or spending time with a favourite album contributes significantly to our overall sense of wellbeing.

Beauty begins with the way we care for ourselves, making the likes of downtime and wholeness hardly unconventional.

Just as mental wellbeing can be incorporated into our beauty routines, our beauty routines can carefully consider our emotional state. Embody the delight of dopamine dressing via a favourite lipstick or use a coveted fragrance to satiate each sense.

An AM/PM beauty routine bookends the day seamlessly, allowing us to set aside the endless callings of work and life. Investing in the self is beauty, undefined and individual.

After all, wellbeing is the secret to inward contentment; joy, self-love and confidence are the gateways to the glow we've been looking for - excessive marketing and endless physical enhancements be damned.

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