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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again (and again, and again): We're on a mission to make self-care accessible to all. Right from the comfort of your couch and your Crocs. But the industry is saturated. Wellness Instagram accounts, fitness fads, 30-day challenges, and a whole lot of noise. It’s no surprise that it’s left some wondering, “what even is self-care?”


Self-care is any action (or non-action) to connects us to any of the following 3 core pillars. Self-awareness that clues us in to what we’re thinking and feeling at any given time; Self-knowledge that can helps us understand why we say things, do things, or behave in certain ways; and self-compassion that allows us to forgive, so we can properly heal and connect with ourselves and others too.


If you’re wondering how this translates to IRL, we asked some good friends what self-care means for them.

“It’s definitely changed over the last couple of years. Especially with the pandemic too, I guess. I used to think self-care was about kicking goals and exercising five times a week. In fact, I thought that’s what I needed to be balanced or the to be the “best” version of myself. That sentence makes me cringe a bit now, even though if that’s what works for someone else - go for it! For me now, it’s recognising when I need to just sleep in and spend the day on the couch. Self-care is knowing I can love both pizza and going to pilates, they’re not mutually exclusive.” – Isobel.

“Self-care for me is about being more conscious. On a day-to-day level that means I try to get outside, usually for a morning walk (though that’s getting a little harder as winter hits). But overall, to live by my values so a big one for me is trying to shop more consciously, groceries from markets where I can and I’m trying to buy less fast fashion.” – Laura.

“It’s literally about doing what makes me feel good. In some ways it’s a “whatever I want attitude” though that can come across a little selfish, lol. But it’s really simple: if I feel like sitting and reading a book, I will, if I make plans and realise I’m not in the mood, I reschedule them. I’ve learnt my boundaries and self-care for me is trying to respect them. So if I don’t reply to your text for three days, that’s kinda why.” – Angie.

“Putting pen to paper. It’s really cathartic. Maybe because my full-time job requires me to sit in front of a screen and stare at spreadsheets all day. I’m not producing any masterpieces but it’s nice to have a little scribble on the couch and see what happens.” – Sam.

We recognise that everyone’s lived experiences are different, so self-care will be different. We don’t want to put a fixed definition on it but to put it simply, we believe self-care is taking what you need, when you need it. And not punishing yourself for letting go or stepping away from the things that you don’t.

Here, we’re open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Come back anytime.

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Self Care™ Originals respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country on which we work, the Wurundjeri Willam people, and pay our respects to their Elders past and present.