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Words by Emily Coogan

From the outside, the practice of slow living can look like an all-encompassing change, asking us to drop everything we’re doing in the name of goodness.

In reality, the concept simply asks us to consider leisure as a priority for wellness, as we evolve a life of intention and minimalism. There’s a versatility to its vision, whereby we can live at the pace that suits us for a purpose that feeds us.

The definition of slow living is malleable, and tailored to our personal circumstances. For some, slow living involves uprooting their lifestyles and moving away from urban centres. For most, smaller changes will produce a greater impact on our pre-existing routines.

Enter: five habits to exercise slow living.

1. Stick to the plan

Efficiency loses its footing when we begin to overload ourselves, and multitasking isn’t always the most thoughtful move. The mono-tasking movement has found its home within slow living, asking us to devote our focus to one task at a time to minimise distractions and cut through the noise of our to-do lists.

2. Eat slowly, seated, and with intention.

Our love for the hustle and bustle has made us neglect the value of food, demonstrated by our need to eat on the go. By eating at a table instead of your desk, car, couch or bed, we give mealtime the respect it deserves. Your digestive health will thank you, as will your overall wellness.

3. Log out to switch on

There’s a lot to be said for taking a break from social media, and there’s more to be said for our reluctance to do so. Tune in to both of those things and avoid networking apps for a realistic period of time each day, whether that’s before breakfast, during lunch, before bed, or at another time that suits you.

4. Dry weather weekdays

While fighting the mid-week blues with a snifter sounds appealing and comes naturally to us, there’s merit in avoiding alcohol from Monday through Friday. Slow down to improve your focus and better equip yourself to battle weekday sluggishness, opting for alcohol-free options instead.

5. Soak it up to reel it in

The role of nature in our wellbeing cannot be underestimated, from the ground we walk on to the air we breathe. The sun, especially, has ceaseless power to nurture life. Walking a longer route from the train station to work or sitting on the balcony at lunch time are simple ways to incorporate daylight and slowness into each schedule (armed with SPF, of course).

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