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Words: Mon Barton

Now more than ever, our bedrooms are our very own sacred, personal sanctuaries. For Melbourne creative, Mon Barton (aka. @mons.monday), her bedroom is a space that directly reflects the qualities she needs amongst the chaos of life.

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How would you describe your bedroom?

Ooo i like this question… I think my bedroom is a calming space. Before COVID it always felt so chaotic, full of clutter and cheap items. Since having to spend so much time in my bedroom over the last two years, I’ve really learnt to strip it all back and create a space where clutter does not form and instead feels elevated, positive and safe. There’s a lot of fresh whites and beiges, vintage wooden furniture, greenery and plants/candles to avoid artificial light. I mean, my bedroom is where I have sex, create, work and rest… I need a space conducive of all of those things, ya know?

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The bedroom is often a space where we can be our most authentic selves. How does your bedroom reflect or represent your identity?

It’s simple, honest and not over-complicated. I like to think I hold those qualities and that my space is a direct reflection of that. In terms of style though, i've definitely kept it neutral and timeless so that whatever style or phase I'm going through, my bedroom can be adaptable to that. I just really focus on keeping it clean, I work and live much better without the anxiety of a dirty room. My car is a whole other story though! Don’t ask me about that!

Is there something from your childhood bedroom that you still have with you to this day?

Actually come to think of it, no. I do, however, have a beautiful wooden box that my ex Sean made me (beautiful human) that was designed to perfectly fit physical photos. Think family-photo-album vibes. It’s filled with heaps of old childhood pictures and images from my grandparents era that I’ll cherish forever. That box comes everywhere with me no matter where I live (I move a lot) and has a permanent space in my drawers so I guess i’ve got that.

What are some ways you practice self-care in your bedroom?

I think sexual health and well-being is SO important and so self-care, to me, is usually some solo time with my fave sex toys, some candles and music. I’m also partial to a good face mask and getting stuck into whatever book i'm reading. Also rolling a big fat joint at the end of the day and laying on my back, on my bedroom floor and letting my thoughts just roll through my mind, reflecting and digesting. It’s nice. (dunno if you can include that part, so feel free to cut if u need)

How does this space - your bedroom - contribute to your self-care?

Well, as I mentioned above, I've readjusted my space to be a place that inspires me and makes me feel safe. I know that I can be truly aroused or drop into a meditative space in my own space because my nervous system is no longer in flight or fight, it's relaxed, which means I can fully lean into whatever self-care practice I want.

You can find more about Mon Barton here.

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